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Can I use AirPlay without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can!

Airplay is a wireless communication medium between two devices to share audio, video, pictures, etc. There are several methods to use AirPlay for screen sharing and communication.

Most people are confused about whether they can use Airplay without Wi-Fi. We also saw this question on Apple's website, which is why we have decided to provide our readers with the best methods for this problem. This article will surely provide you with the best practices and some exciting information about AirPlay.

  • 1 :Two Methods to Use AirPlay without Wi-Fi
  • 2 :AirPlay to Apple TV or AirPlay 2 Compatible TVs without Wi-Fi
  • 3 :AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to Mac without Wi-Fi
  • 4 :AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to Windows PC without Wi-Fi
  • 5 :Want to Mirroring iPhone to Other Smart TVs without Wi-Fi?
  • 6 :AirPlay Not Working? How to Fix?
  • 7 :AirPlay Reviews
  • 8 :Why We Recommend AirDroid Cast?
  • 9 :Bonus: How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV?
  • 10 :You May Want to Know: Does AirPlay Use Data?
  • 11 :FAQs about AirPlay

1 Two Methods to Use AirPlay without Wi-Fi

Surprisingly, you can use AirPlay without Wi-Fi, let's first discuss two prevalent methods to use AirPlay. Hopefully, you will have listened to these methods as they are typical for this purpose. These methods will help you use it without connecting to any Wi-Fi network.

Method 1. Peer-to-Peer AirPlay

Peer-to-peer is a fantastic method for using AirPlay as it does not needs to connect both the connecting devices under the same Wi-Fi or even work without any Wi-Fi.

The working principle is straightforward. Your iOS device works as a temporary Wi-Fi hotspot, and the TV connects with it to play your desired media.

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Requirements for Peer-to-peer AirPlay:

For Peer-to-Peer AirPlay, you must have an iOS or iPad device with a minimum iOS 8 version, an advanced one, a Mac with a 2012 version, or the latest one from it.

For the Apple TV, it should just be the 4th Generation or any other latest model. Only a specific version of the 3rd Generation supports it; otherwise, it is also not supported on the 3rd.

  1. Firstly, disconnect your Wi-Fi network from the iOS device and also from the Apple TV.

  2. Turn on the Bluetooth and WI-FI but don’t let them get connected to any Wi-Fi.

  3. Restart the iOS and Apple TV device to create a smooth connection.

  4. For iOS devices, you can connect to AirPlay from control center. For the very first time, it may consume some more time.

Drawbacks of using Peer-to-peer AirPlay:

  1. It reduces the quality of your audio and video.

  2. It does not work with videos from famous video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, etc.

Method 2. Apple Lightning Connector to HDMI Port

Another simple and free method is to use a digital AV or VGA to display your iOS device to a TV or a projector. The only complication is finding the correct adapter that can attach to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod perfectly.

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Detailed Steps:

Step 1.Plug the Adapter

Firstly connect the specific adapter to your device's charging port of your iOS device, and then click the other end with the TV where you want to mirror the screen.

Step 2.Turn on the display

Turn on the secondary display. From settings, switch to the correct source for production.

Step 3.Start mirroring

After performing, the above steps, you will get your screen on the desired TV.

2 AirPlay to Apple TV or AirPlay 2 Compatible TVs without Wi-Fi

The primary difference between AirPlay and AirPlay 2 is that AirPlay 2 is the upgraded version of AirPlay and supports multiple devices simultaneously.

You can use Peer-to-peer or the HMDI adapter to connectAirPlay from iPhone to Apple TV without Wi-Fi, but the essential thing is to find the Smart TVs that support the AirPlay 2 because not all the Smart TVs have built-in AirPlay 2 features.

From iPhone/iPad to Apple TV/AirPlay 2 Compatible TVs without Wi-Fi

  1. While streaming a video on your iPhone you must find an AirPlay icon on the app.

  2. Click on the AirPlay icon and select the TV to start mirroring on it. This option will only be available if your TV is AirPlay 2 compatible.

  3. You will also get a code on the TV for security purpose. Enter the code on your iOS device to start mirroring.

Which Smart TVs are AirPlay 2 Compatible?

There is an extensive list of TV models that support AirPlay 2, including LG, Samsung, Roku, and Sony TVs. Let's discuss some of them here:

  1. LG OLED, LG Nano Cell, LG UHD TV, LG Super UHD SK, and UK series.

  2. Samsung QLED 8K, Samsung QLED 4K, The Frame Series, Serif Series, UHD 6,7,8 Series, and FHD/HD 4,5 Series.

  3. Sony A8H Series, AF9 Series, A9G Series, A9S Series, X85G, X95G, and other latest models of X and Z series.

From Mac to Apple TV without Wi-Fi

The procedure to use AirPlay on Apple TV without Wi-Fi on Mac is the same as for other iOS devices. You don't need a Wi-Fi network, but you must generate a hotspot from your device to connect to the TV.

  1. Disconnect the WI-FI internet service from Mac and the Apple TV. Keep the WI-FI and Bluetooth on but don’t connect to any network.

  2. Restart both the devices and then choose the Apple TV from AirPlay status menu.

  3. Your Apple TV may ask for the code to be added, enter the code and get both the devices connected.

3 AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to Mac without Wi-Fi

Connecting your iPhone to Mac without Wi-Fi is not new to the from peer-to-peer methods and the lightening HDMI cables. You can use the lightning cable to create the connection for screen mirroring. Connect the cable with your iPhone.

Connecting your iPhone to a Mac is done using an App that supports AirPlay. You will find the mirroring feature in the Control Center or the App itself; select the relevant mac device from the AirPlay list and start mirroring.

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4 AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to Windows PC without Wi-Fi

Here is one of the best methods to mirror screen iPhone/iPad to Windows PC without Wi-Fi. AirDroid Cast is a powerful application that is a practical answer to your question abouthow to AirPlay without Wi-Fi.

This App allows you to share your screen and control your iPhone or iPad from the Windows PC. It will enable you to share five screens at a time, and two-way communication is another exciting feature of AirDroid Cast that other screen mirroring Apps lack.

Connect your iPhone/iPad to Windows PC without Wi-Fi ( USB cable is needed)

There are various mediums to create a connection between iPhone and PC using the AirDroid Cast. Still, here we are specifically concerned about doing it without Wi-Fi so we will discuss the steps using a USB Cable.

Step 1. Download the App

Download and install the app on your iPhone and PC and sign in with your AirDroid Cast account.

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Step 2. Select the Medium

Open AirDroid Cast desktop, select USB Cable as a medium from the available devices list and connect the cable with both your Mobile and PC.

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Step 3. Start Casting

Choose your iPhone on the interface of AirDroid Cast desktop,click on the 'Trust' option from the pop-up on your phone, and you will see your iPhone screen to PC. If you want to control your iPhone on PC, click on the hand icon on the left menu and follow the instruction to finish setting, then you can activate control feature.

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Uses of AirDroid Cast:

  1. You can use AirDroid Cast to play online games on a big screen with comfortable controls to continuously play your favorite game for some hours.

  2. You take online and physical classes with your students using this App.

  3. Remote presentations are possible with App in your office or classroom.

  4. AirDroid Cast is also the best opportunity to conduct remote meetings wherever you are.

5 Want to Mirror iPhone to Other Smart TVs without Wi-Fi?

1. Chromecast

If you want to mirror your iPhone to Smart TVs other than the Apple TV, you can use Chromecast, one of the most widely used mirroring devices. It is a pocket-sized gadget that is very easy to carry.

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Google launches this device, which is why it works more smoothly on the Chrome browser. It is free to use lifetime, but you only have to buy it once and then enjoy it whenever you want.

2. Miracast

Miracast is a wireless technology that allows us to connect screens to our computers wirelessly. It is one of the Wi-Fi alliance's wireless display standards. It is a protocol that allows two devices to connect in such a way that the screen of one is mirrored on the screen of the other.

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It is roughly described as "HDMI over Wi-Fi," as it replaces the cable connecting the device to the display. Miracast is a peer-to-peer network that, like Bluetooth, uses Wi-Fi Direct connections to send screencasts wirelessly.

3. HDMI out Capabilities

You can use HDMI out cables for screen mirroring iPhone to Smart TV’s. ‘HDMI In’ is used for input and ‘HDMI Out’ is for output. These terms will help you clear the concept as these two are opposite to each other. Connect the HDMI Out cable and it will enable you to send the audio and video signals to your Smart TV.

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6 AirPlay Not Working? How to Fix?

AirPlay is one of the best mediums to connect iOS devices like the iPhone and Apple TV. Sometimes it happens that we are unable to connect the devices using AirPlay. It's not because AirPlay is not supported, but because of some technical issues that might be causing the disconnection. Let's first discuss some problems that might occur, and then we will head towards their solutions.

Common AirPlay Issues

  1. The AirPlay button is not showing.

  2. Audio not available.

  3. Specific content not viewed.

  4. Apple TV is not visible in the list.

  5. AirPlay not properly connected.

  6. AirPlay is not working after upgrading version.

Software Up Gradation

Upgrade the software to the latest available version so you can get all the files and features working without trouble. For Apple TV, Open the 'Settings' and then the 'General' tab. Then choose the option 'Update Software' and check the latest version available for the software.

Check Wi-Fi Connection

For the AirPlay connection using Wi-Fi, it is necessary to connect both the devices under the same Wi-Fi connection. You must change the settings and attach them under the same Wi-Fi to get uninterruptable AirPlay mirroring if they are not connected.

Check the AirPlay device

Sometimes we often make silly mistakes and even can't imagine that we can do that. You first need to check whether you have turned on the AirPlay or not because sometimes we ignore it, and this could also be a reason for not connecting.

Reboot the Devices

You must reboot your devices if your issue is not resolved even after turning on the AirPlay. For Apple TV, plug out the power cable and, after some time, plug-in again.

Reboot the router

Sometimes, the issue may be due to the unavailability of the internet from the router. So, it would help if you tried to reboot your router by turning it off for a while and then turn on.

Use AirDroid Cast

If you still have an issue with the connectivity of AirPlay, then you are recommended to you AirDroid Cast and use its connection method as AirPlay. It will resolve all your problems automatically and is free from all technicalities you might suffer during a stable connection.

7 AirPlay Reviews


  • Your iOS mobile works as a remote control device for Apple TV and operates the TV screen.
  • It allows multi-purpose usage, you can use your mobile for other purposes, and the screen will not be disturbed.
  • When the AirPlay mode is powered on, the connection is effortless to establish.


  • The Apple TV must have an internet connection to play the videos.
  • AirPlay only supports Apple devices and AirPlay 2 compatible devices.

8 Why Do We Recommend AirDroid Cast?

As already explained, whenever you are stuck connecting your iPhone devices, you will find AirDroid Cast the most convenient and faster-connecting app to create a connection.

Its two-way audio sharing feature and sharing five screens at a time are the essential features that make it prior from any other mirroring app. It is also best to connect your iPhone devices to your TV without Wi-Fi. For that purpose, use its USB cable medium and connect within 5 minutes to share your mobile screen.

9 Bonus: How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV?

You can mirror your iPhone to your Samsung TV, but some limitations can make this difficult. HDMI and wireless mirroring are two options for mirroring or casting your phone without Wi-Fi.

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You can connect your iPhone to Samsung TV wireless, but if it is capable of screen mirroring. You can use Wi-Fi direct for screen mirroring to Samsung TV. Miracast is a good option for screen mirroring if you are not comfortable doing it with the USB cable. You can use USB adapters to connect both devices if you do not have a USB cable that supports your phone port.

Guide : How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV?

10 You May Want to Know: Does AirPlay Use Data?

The answer to this question depends upon some situations and your methods for AirPlay.
It won't use the data if you are using the Peer-to-peer method for screen mirroring from your local storage. Secondly, it would not use data if you are not using the Wi-Fi connection for screen mirroring.

AirPlay will use data if both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection. Data is also used when using your iOS mobile's Hotspot on your TV and watching videos.

11 FAQs about AirPlay

Does AirPlay Work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, AirPlay works without Wi-Fi. You can use the peer-to-peer method that supports connecting AirPlay even without Wi-Fi.

Does Airplay Use Bluetooth?

AirPlay uses Wi-Fi for connecting the two devices. However, it would help if you connected it using Wi-Fi direct and an HDMI cable. Bluetooth is not a medium for AirPlay.

How to Airplay to a Samsung TV without Wi-Fi?

There is no way found to AirPlay to a Samsung TV without Wi-Fi. You can use various other methods for screen mirroring from iOS devices to Samsung TVs, even without Wi-Fi.


This article discussed AirPlay and the methods we can use to AirPlay without Wi-Fi. Using HDMI cables and the Peer-to-peer way is prevalent, but it compromises the display's quality. Then we discussed the best alternative for screen mirroring without Wi-Fi from iOS devices i.e., AirDroid Cast. This application can be used with a USB Cable to create a connection without Wi-Fi. It is straightforward and easy to use. Moreover, it is a secure app. AirDroid Cast also has the functionality to support AirPlay for screen sharing, but that demands a Wi-Fi connection.

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