Can You Trick a Breathalyzer? (2023)

You can beat a breathalyzer by hyperventilating, exercising, or holding your breath before you blow.

An often-cited decades-old study found that hyperventilation and vigorous exercise did indeed lower subjects' BAC readings by as much as 10%. Conversely, holding their breath actually increased subjects’ BAC readings by up to 20%. Unfortunately, these activities can also render one light-headed and gasping for air – behavior that would undoubtedly capture the attention of law enforcement officers who suspect an individual of being under the influence. In addition, not blowing hard into a breathalyzer is little use, as the air pump technology present in BACtrack Professional Grade Breathalyzers can provide accurate BAC readings even with small breath samples.

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Make the smart move. Stay informed of your BAC with your own BACtrack breathalyzer.

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BACtrack C6



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Powered by BACtrack's proprietary BluFire® fuel cell sensor technology, the all-new BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer is the smallest professional-grade alcohol tester ever created! The C6offers BACtrack's new "Dual-Mode" operation. Choose "Standalone Mode" and your BAC results are delivered directly to a bright, easy-to-read OLED screen. Alternatively, choose "App Mode" and the BACtrack C6 seamlessly pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Using the free BACtrack App, you can quickly and easily estimate your BAC, track your results over time, and with ZeroLine®, estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%. You can even call an Uber™ directly from the App if you've had too much.

Perfect for any social situation, from happy hour to dinner parties, the ultra-portable BACtrack C6 keychain breathalyzer will help you and your friends drink smarter and make better decisions while drinking.

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