How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (2023)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is by far the most complex set of wireless earbuds that Samsung has ever produced. It targets the rival AirPods Pro not just with active noise cancellation (ANC) and IPX7 waterproofing, but with a heap of new and upgraded features like 360 Audio and automated Ambient modes.

To help you make sense of the Galaxy Buds Pro's huge toolkit, we've prepared this guide. It comes complete with step-by-step instructions for setting up features and settings, and a few other tips to help you get as much out of these earbuds as possible.

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How to connect the Galaxy Buds Pro to your Android device

To pair the Galaxy Buds Pro to an Android smartphone or tablet, first make sure you’ve got the Samsung Wearable app installed. This should come pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy phones but it otherwise available on Google's Play Store. From there:

1.Open the charging case, with the Galaxy Buds Pro inside, to enter pairing mode.

2.Open the Galaxy Wearable app, tap “Get Started” and select the Galaxy Buds Pro.

3.Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setup.

After that, the Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically connect to your device within a few seconds of opening the charging case.

How to connect the Galaxy Buds Pro to iOS, PC or Mac

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (1)

You can also use the Galaxy Buds Pro with other devices. But because the Galaxy Wearable app is only available on Android, you’ll only be able to use basic playback. If you want to pair the earbuds anyway:

1.Remove the Galaxy Buds Pro from the charging case and hold down on the touch sensors for three seconds.

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2.This will enter a separate pairing mode, signaled by a beep sound. Use your device’s Bluetooth settings menu to find and connect to the earbuds.

How to use and customize the Galaxy Buds Pro controls

You can perform a variety of actions entirely with the Galaxy Buds Pro’s touch controls. Here are the default gestures and what they do:

  • Single tap: Play or pause playback.
  • Double tap: Skip to the next track.
  • Triple tap: Skip back to the previous track.

You can also customize what the “tap and hold” gesture does. In the Wearable app, tap “Touch and hold” then select the desired action for each earbud. You can choose from:

  • Switch noise controls (toggles between ANC and Ambient Sound modes)
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Activate voice assistant
  • Open Spotify on device

You can also use touch controls to manage phone calls — the following gestures will override their usual actions when your phone is ringing, or currently in a call.

  • Double tap: Answer or end call
  • Touch and hold: Decline call

How to use ANC and Ambient Sound on the Galaxy Buds Pro

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (3)

Active noise cancelling reduces the volume of nearby sounds, whereas Ambient Sound mode uses microphones to make them clearer. This lets you enjoy music with fewer interruptions, while also being able to give yourself some extra spatial awareness in busy areas.

You can switch between modes in the Galaxy Wearable app, under “Noise controls,” and can also use it to adjust the ANC effect’s intensity between High and Low settings. Alternatively, if you set one of the touch and hold gestures to switch noise controls using the previous steps, repeating touching and holding will toggle through the different modes. Using either method, you can also turn both modes off to save on battery.

There’s also Samsung’s new Voice Detect feature. When enabled, this will automatically engage Ambient Sound when the microphones detect you speaking, and will automatically disable the feature when you’ve been quiet for a few seconds.

To switch Voice Detect on, open the Galaxy Wearable app and simply tap the toggle switch. It’s underneath the ANC level controls. You can also tap on Voice Detect itself to set the delay for when Ambient Mode should switch off: 5, 10 or 15 seconds.

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How to use 360 Audio on the Galaxy Buds Pro

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (4)

We’ve already produced an in-depth guide on how to use 360 Audio, Samsung’s version of spatial audio. However, if you’d prefer the short version of how to enable this 3D surround sound tech:

1.Make sure you’ve got a compatible Samsung Galaxy device: it needs to be running Samsung’s One UI 3.1 software.

2.Pair your Galaxy Buds Pro and open the Galaxy Wearable app. Tap “Advanced.”

3.Toggle on 360 Audio, if it isn’t already.

4.Find movies and TV content that supports a Dolby Atmos sound option; Atmos-compatible content works with 360 Audio as they use the same mastering process.

Compatible content can be found on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, though there aren’t currently any music services that support 360 Audio. To enjoy music with a similar 3D effect, you'll need Sony 360 Reality Audio.

How to use Seamless earbud connection on the Galaxy Buds Pro

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (5)

Seamless earbud connection lets the earbuds automatically switch between two devices you’re using at the same time. For example, if you’re playing music on a phone but start video playback on a separate tablet, the Galaxy Buds Pro should instantly switch its own source device from the phone to the tablet.

Samsung says this should work with any two devices on which you’re signed into the same Samsung account, but only Samsung Galaxy devices allow you to use the feature without having previously paired the buds to both devices. Otherwise, you’ll need to start by manually pairing the Galaxy Buds Pro to any devices you might want to use Seamless earbud connection with:

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1. Follow the steps in the “How to connect” sections above to pair your two devices.

2.Open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap “Advanced.” Then toggle on Seamless earbud connection.

3.Repeat step 2 for the second device you’re likely to switch to.

Once set up, you don’t need to do anything else as the switching process is automatic. You can also go back into the app to disable Seamless earbud connection at any time.

How to check the Galaxy Buds Pro battery level

When connected, the Galaxy Wearable app will show the current battery level of each Galaxy Buds Pro earbud on the home screen.

The charging case itself can also give you a rough idea of its remaining juice. Placing the buds inside the case will make the status LED on the front of the case light up, with different colors and effects signaling how much is left:

  • Green: Fully charged, or at least 60% battery remaining.
  • Yellow: Between 30% and 60% battery remaining.
  • Red: Charging, or less than 30% battery remaining.
  • Flashing red: This means a charging error has occurred. Remove and replace the buds in the case, and contact support if it keeps happening

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (6)

The Galaxy Buds Pro case supports wireless charging. It should be compatible with any Qi-standard charger. But Samsung PowerShare lets you use certain Galaxy smartphones as a convenient powerbank for the buds. It’s easy to use, too:

1.In the phone’s Quick settings, menu, tap “Wireless PowerShare.”

2.Place the phone screen-side down and put the Galaxy Buds Pro charging case on the backplate. Either a sound or vibration alert will play to confirm charging has begun.

The tricky part is making sure you’ve got a compatible handset; Samsung lists suitable models on its support site. The Samsung Galaxy S21 range, Galaxy Note 20 range, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2 all work, as do older Galaxy flagships.

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How to find your lost Galaxy Buds Pro

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Tips, tricks and instructions (7)

If you misplace your Galaxy Buds Pro, there a couple of tools available to help track the headphones down. The first, Find My Earbuds, is handy if you’ve just lost the buds somewhere at home or work:

1.In the Galaxy Wearable app, select Find My Earbuds and tap Start.

2.This will force the Galaxy Buds Pro to start beeping. Follow the noise until you’ve found them, then tap Stop in the app.

The other, SmartThings Find, is for when you think the buds have gone missing further afield:

1.Download and install the SmartThings app. Tap the SmartThings Find card, then Download to install the required add-ons.

2.Select the devices you want to find — the Galaxy Buds Pro should be here if you’ve paired it before.

3.Hopefully, the app will locate your earbuds and show an approximate position on a map.

Keep in mind that SmartThings Find is built on a volunteer network of Galaxy owners and requires any lost items to fall within the Bluetooth range of one of these owners’ phones. Otherwise, it may not be picked up, which in turn would prevent it from being visible on the map. Be careful with the Galaxy Buds Pro in remote areas, in other words.

How to install software updates for the Galaxy Buds Pro

You’ll usually be prompted whenever a software update is available for the Galaxy Buds Pro, in which case just follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also manually check for updates through Galaxy Wearable:

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1.In the app, tap “Earbuds software update.”

2.Tap on “Download and install” to check for uninstalled updates, or “Last update” to read information on the current software version.

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How do I use my Samsung bud pro? ›

Hold the earbuds so that you see the imprinted direction marks, insert the earbuds into your ears, and then adjust the earbuds by rotating them until they sit comfortably in your ears. The touch-sensitive sensors will detect that you are wearing the earbuds when you put them on.

How do I use Samsung earbuds features? ›

The Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Live do not have a readout menu. Instead, you may use preset features on the left and right earbuds using the Galaxy Wearable app. Simply tap and hold the corresponding touchpad to activate your preset features. Tap the touchpad to play or pause.

Do Galaxy buds Pro have voice commands? ›

Yes, you can. If you have Samsung earbuds, your phone's virtual assistant (or AI assistant) can control your devices by just listening to your voice!

How do I extend the battery life on my Galaxy buds pro? ›

Charging in the case for 10 minutes will provide 3 hours of battery life. Galaxy Buds give you up to 6 hours of play time, which can be extended to up to 7 hours more with a fully charged case. Charging in the case for just 15 minutes will give you up to 1.7 hours of battery life.

How do I make my Galaxy Pro buds louder? ›

Please note: You will need to have your earbuds placed in your ears in order to see the below options on the Wearable app.
  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected mobile device.
  2. Tap Touch and hold.
  3. Tap Left or Right and select Volume down or Volume up.

Can Galaxy buds read text messages? ›

The AirPods Pro works with Siri, obviously, while the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can connect to either Bixby (default) or Google Assistant. Both earbuds can read incoming text messages aloud to me, but only the AirPods Pro allows me to respond via voice dictation.

Is Galaxy Buds Pro worth it? ›

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: audio performance

Well, the Buds Pro do have balanced sound quality that doesn't skew too sibilant in the trebles or too bloated in the bass, which we really like, but they are missing some clarity in the mids and highs, and have a smaller, isolated soundstage.

Can Galaxy Buds Pro read messages? ›

Want your Notifications to be read out via your Galaxy Buds Pro without having to check your phone? Set up Read Notifications Aloud through the Galaxy Wearable app and choose which apps will notify you through your buds.

Does Galaxy Buds Pro have Bixby? ›

For Galaxy Buds, Ambient sound control and battery level checks with Bixby are available at the time of launch. Other features will be supported via software updates at a later time. After activating preset tap-and-hold feature, you can start a conversation with Bixby using the touchpad.

How do I activate Bixby on Galaxy Buds Pro? ›

To use Bixby on your Galaxy Buds+, make sure you set a preset tap-and-hold feature for launching Bixby, and tap and hold the touchpad. 1. Tap and hold the touchpad after setting a preset tap-and-hold feature for launching Bixby. Bixby will be launched on your connected mobile device.

How do I turn off noise Cancelling on Galaxy Buds pro? ›

Galaxy Buds Pro

To activate the feature on your Buds Pro, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then tap Active noise canceling. You'll hear a beep, signaling that the feature is enabled. Then, adjust the slider to choose your volume. Tap Active noise canceling again to turn it off, and the deactivation sound will play.

What is the touchpad on Galaxy earbuds? ›

You can control music playback, answer or reject calls, and start a conversation with Bixby using the touchpad. Note : To avoid hurting your ears, do not apply excessive pressure to the touchpad with your fingertips. To avoid damaging the touchpad, do not tap it with anything sharp.

Why are my Galaxy Buds not full volume? ›

If you are experiencing low volume or poor sound quality on one or both of your Galaxy Buds, there may be a couple reasons why. You might be wearing the earbuds incorrectly, or the buds could have accumulated dust or debris.

Can you overcharge Galaxy Buds pro? ›

No. I use the case as a storage for the earbuds and when the buds are fully charged the case stops charging them and acts as a normal case.

Can I charge Galaxy Buds with phone charger? ›

Use only authentic chargers and cables purchased from our Samsung Experience Stores or Authorized Dealers. The use of other chargers and cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the Galaxy Buds. Use only USB Type-C cable supplied with the Galaxy Buds.

Why is one Galaxy Bud Pro louder than the other? ›

Why are the left and right sound volumes unbalanced? The sound volume of your Galaxy Buds Pro may be different on the left and right, if the earbuds are not worn properly. For the best sound quality and normal functioning, it is very important to place the Galaxy Buds Pro perfectly in your ears.

Do Galaxy buds pro amplify sound? ›

Galaxy Buds Pro's Ambient Sound feature can amplify sounds up to 20 decibels. Users can also adjust and customize how they experience sound as per their needs.

Do Galaxy buds pro pause music when removed? ›

Galaxy Buds in-ear detection allows you to automatically pause music playback when you take them out of your ears and resume playback when you put them back in.

Can Galaxy buds be used as hearing aid? ›

Summary. The results suggest that the ambient sound feature of Galaxy Buds2 Pro has the potential to help people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. The ambient sound feature is useful for watching TV at home or having conversations in a quiet place.

What's the difference between buds 2 and pro? ›

The newer Galaxy Buds 2 Pro connects to your device over Bluetooth 5.3, while the older Galaxy Buds 2 model uses Bluetooth 5.2. Both Bluetooth versions mean the respective headsets will support LE Audio and the LC3 codec down the line, but for now, they each support just three codecs.

What does the red light mean on Galaxy buds? ›

The charging case battery indicator light flashes red when the external power is cut off during charging. If the battery indicator lights do not work as described, disconnect the charger from the charging case and reconnect it.

Do Samsung earbuds tell you who's calling? ›

When a call comes in while you are wearing the earbuds, they will emit a sound and a voice notification will inform you of the incoming call's phone number or the name saved in your contacts. Check out how to answer a call, a second call or decline a call using the earbuds. Answer or end a call.

Are AirPods or Galaxy buds better? ›

If you're an iPhone owner or want the best possible active noise cancellation, transparency mode or battery life, go with the AirPods Pro 2. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are the ideal high-end buds for Galaxy phone owners, and have a slight edge in comfort and sound quality.

What's better than Samsung Galaxy buds pro? ›

The Galaxy Buds 2 supports Wireless PowerShare, as does the Galaxy Buds Pro. The Galaxy Buds 2 has better battery life than the Buds Pro, and offers 5 hours, 9 minutes of playtime with ANC on.

Which are better Galaxy Buds or Pro? ›

The buds are very lightweight and have an IPX2 rating, making them fine for exercise. While you can't dunk these in a pool, they should withstand your sweat. The Galaxy Buds Pro is more durable and has an IPX7 rating.

Are Galaxy Buds Pro good for sleeping? ›

The best headphones for sleeping: Notable mentions

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: While the battery life of 4 hours, 50 minutes isn't great, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is super comfortable. This is another great pair of earbuds that will take you through your commute naps with great noise cancelling.

Can you answer your cell phone with earbuds? ›

Some earbuds have buttons that you can use to place calls on hold, too, or to switch between calls. Check for volume controls and a physical “Mute” button, because those features could come in handy. You can do a lot more than just answer calls on your earbuds, too, so make sure to consider that, as well.

Do Galaxy buds have mic? ›

The Galaxy Buds come equipped with an Adaptive Dual Microphone that combines an inner and outer microphone, it captures your voice clearly and accurately. The combination of microphones effectively blocks external noise when you're outside and makes your calls sound clear in quiet places.

Can you answer calls on Samsung Galaxy earbuds? ›

When your Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ are connected to your phone, you can answer and control calls without picking up your phone. You can take a run or go to the gym whenever you want to.

Does Galaxy Buds Pro have head tracking? ›

The intelligent motion-tracking sensor pinpoints the direction of the sound as you move your head, enabling a powerful sense of realism in your listening experience.

What is voice detect on buds pro? ›

Activate Voice Detect within the Galaxy Wearable app to automatically turn on Ambient sound and lower your media volume whenever you're having a conversation.

Where do you tap Samsung earbuds pro? ›

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro let you adjust their volume by tapping on your ears: two quick taps on your left ear ticks the volume down one notch, two taps on the right turns it up. This actually isn't exclusive to Samsung's newest earbuds—it's also an option on the first Galaxy Buds Pro and the Galaxy Buds 2.

Can I take a shower with Galaxy buds pro? ›

Precautions to care for your Galaxy Buds Pro in good condition. Do not wear the device during activities, such as swimming, playing water sports, taking a shower, or while visiting spa or sauna facilities. Doing so can damage the device.

What is Galaxy buds pro used for? ›

These are true wireless earbuds, with pro-grade technology for immersive sound like never before. While Intelligent ANC lets you seamlessly switch between noise canceling and fully adjustable ambient sound. So let the outside in - or keep it out.

What is the best deal of Samsung buds pro? ›

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro price in India starts from Rs. 14,999. The lowest price of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is Rs. 14,999 at

How long should I charge my Galaxy buds Pro for the first time? ›

If you are using the earbuds for the first time after purchasing, or if they have not been used for a long time, fully charge the battery before use. When charging the battery for the first time, or when the battery is completely discharged, the earbuds require at least 10 minutes of charging time to turn on.

Where do I touch my Samsung buds? ›

Using the earbud by touch

Single touch: Tap the touchpad to play or pause track. Double touch: Double tap the touchpad to play next track, answer or end a call. Triple touch: Triple tap the touchpad to play previous track.

What app controls Samsung buds? ›

Use the controls in the Buds Controller app

Just use the Buds Controller app on your Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch5 to turn on Active noise canceling or adjust other settings so you can work out in peace.

Can you use Galaxy buds without the app? ›

You can pair them manually without the app, but you'll lose a bunch more features in the process. Like past Galaxy Buds models, there's no physical button on the case for pairing. After several generations of devices, Samsung's certainly got the foundation in place.

How do I activate Bixby on Galaxy buds? ›

To use Bixby on your Galaxy Buds+, make sure you set a preset tap-and-hold feature for launching Bixby, and tap and hold the touchpad. 1. Tap and hold the touchpad after setting a preset tap-and-hold feature for launching Bixby. Bixby will be launched on your connected mobile device.

Can you use Galaxy buds without Samsung phone? ›

To connect your Galaxy Buds / Galaxy Buds+ to a non-Samsung Android device, you should first download the Galaxy Wearable app from the Google Play Store. 1 Place the earbuds into their corresponding slots in the charging case. 2 Close and reopen the charging case. The earbuds will automatically enter pairing mode.

How do I make my Galaxy buds pro louder? ›

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected mobile device.
  2. Tap Earbuds settings.
  3. Tap Acessibility.
  4. Use the slider under Left/right sound balance to adjust the sound balance.

What is ambient sound mode? ›

Ambient sound lets noise from your surroundings flow into your earbuds, so you can keep your ears open to what's going on in the world around you. Ambient sound may cause howling or whistling when your ear tips do not fit correctly, when you're adjusting the volume, or when you're touching the microphone.

How do I turn on ANC on Samsung buds pro? ›

Galaxy Buds Pro

To activate the feature on your Buds Pro, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then tap Active noise canceling. You'll hear a beep, signaling that the feature is enabled. Then, adjust the slider to choose your volume. Tap Active noise canceling again to turn it off, and the deactivation sound will play.


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