Why is MyAir™ data not showing? (2023)

Device connectivity| Account registration|Device model for region|myAir data

  1. Verify that is the user is patient using the derive? Usage hours in device requires breath to be detected. If you are just running the device (without connected to real person and breathing), the patient usage hours will not be updated (zero hour).
  2. Ensure airplane mode is off.
  3. If your machine’s power cord has been continually plugged in for days/weeks, unplug it for 40 seconds and then plug it back in. This resets the machine. e.g. perform a power cycle (turn device off, then back on).
  4. Verify that there is signal icon on the top right of the device screen, and good signal strength
  5. Verify that their area has stable 3G/4G connectivity
  6. Are you switching your device off too quickly in the morning? Your device transmit data to the cloud after 1 hour you stop the therapy (with the main power on).
  7. Is your device registered in your MyAir account? Check the device serial matches the serial registered in MyAir.
  8. Please use your machine as normal, and check myAir the next day to confirm your data transmitted as expected.
  9. Did you purchase your device from an authorised ResMed distributor who is registered in your country? ResMed devices from other regions may not be supported locally in your country.
  10. Contact the outlet that you purchased the device for help.


Why does myAir show no data? ›

Why don't I see data? Data for your new device is not available until the first night after you update your serial number and device number and use your machine. If you already used your machine for the first night but you don't see data, check that: Your CPAP machine is turned on and plugged into power.

How long does myAir take to sync? ›

Your device transmit data to the cloud after 1 hour you stop the therapy (with the main power on). Is your device registered in your MyAir account?

What is considered a good myAir score? ›

The "perfect" score on myAir is 100, but a myAir score at 70 or above qualifies as a good score. The way to improve your score is through consistency, both in usage of myAir, but more importantly in your CPAP therapy!

How do I view ResMed data? ›

myAir, Data

When you log into your myAir account, today's sleep score will be shown automatically. When accessing your my Air App account, you can tap on the date to view your score up to 30 days in the past. Find answers to many of your myAir questions on our support page ( https://myair.resmed.com/Support.aspx ).

Why is my AirSense 10 not blowing enough air? ›

Similar to the issue of high pressure, you may also feel that you are not getting enough air. The case of low air pressure generally arises when the Ramp is in progress. So the best thing to do is to wait for the air pressure to build up. You can also try turning off the Ramp Time.

How do you know if your CPAP is not working? ›

One way to tell if your CPAP machine no longer works well is if you experience the same symptoms you once had before using it—for example, if the snoring returns, your AHI index rises, or you no longer feel rested during the day. It means it's time to reevaluate how the CPAP machine is working for you.

What does 0.5 events mean on a CPAP machine? ›

Normal 0-5 events/hour. Mild OSA 5-15 events/hour. Moderate OSA 15-30 events/hour. Severe OSA 30+ events/hour.

When Should I increase the humidity on my CPAP machine? ›

When Should I Increase the Humidity in My CPAP? You should increase the humidity in your CPAP if you are still waking up with a dry mouth, throat, or nose, or experiencing nose bleeds after CPAP. If you wear a nasal mask and use humidification already, a CPAP chinstrap may help you combat dry mouth symptoms.

How does my CPAP know when you are asleep? ›

Your AirSense 10 will know you're asleep no more than three minutes after. That's because the moment you turn on your machine, AutoRamp is looking for three things: 30 breaths of stable breathing (roughly 3 minutes) 5 consecutive snore breaths.

Why am I still tired when using a CPAP? ›

If you are using CPAP therapy but still feel tired, there could be several reasons why. It's possible that you haven't been doing the therapy for long enough, you are removing your mask during the night, your pressure needs to be adjusted, or your symptoms are mild.

How many apnea events per hour is normal? ›

For adults, here are the ranges of AHI and what they represent: Less than five apnea events per hour. This is the ideal range and considered normal. Between five and 14 apnea events per hour.

At what oxygen level is a CPAP needed? ›

Oxygen saturation over 94% is typically considered normal. Anything below 92% is a signal that you are not receiving the full benefits from your CPAP therapy. A pulse oximeter can supplement any software available with your CPAP machine by measuring this important gauge of the effectiveness of your treatment.

How do I recover data from my CPAP machine? ›

All you need to know about reviewing your sleep performance data using the myAir App.
  1. Sign in to your myAir account.
  2. From the menu under your name, select Sleep therapy report.
  3. Click Download my report.
  4. Save your report.

How do I Download my ResMed data? ›

Please do the following steps:
  1. Open the Patient record.
  2. Click on Raw Data Signal.
  3. On the Raw Data Signal, click on "Download HST raw data" to download the recordings for the patient. Please contact ResMed Technical Services team for import instructions.

How do I Download ResMed CPAP data? ›

Click the Device download link from the toolbar, connect the device to your PC, confirm the correct patient is selected and click Download.

How do I increase the airflow in my CPAP machine? ›

How Can I Adjust to High CPAP Pressure?
  1. Try a New CPAP Mask. If your CPAP mask is incorrectly fitted, worn out, or dirty it may lead to leaks and discomfort. ...
  2. Use a Humidifier. You can get a CPAP with humidifier or a humidifier attachment to soften the air passing through your CPAP. ...
  3. Try a Different Machine.
Jun 23, 2022

Is ResMed AirSense 10 being recalled? ›

You may be wondering, “Are ResMed CPAP machines being recalled?” Rest assured, the CEO of ResMed has made a public announcement stating that ResMed CPAP machines are not impacted by the Philips recall. This is because their machines use a different material than what was used in Philips products.

Why is my CPAP not helping sleep apnea? ›

Poor results: Although CPAP can be effective for many people, it may not provide enough relief if you have underlying issues – such as a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, allergies, or other conditions – that are causing your snoring and sleep apnea.

What is the average CPAP pressure? ›

Pressure in a CPAP machine is measured in centimeters of water pressure (cm H2O). Settings vary based on the device, but most CPAP machines have a pressure range of 4 cm H2O to 20 cm H2O. The average pressure setting for people with OSA is around 9 cm H2O.

What is the best air pressure for CPAP? ›

For most people, an appropriate CPAP pressure is between 6 and 14 cmH2O, with an average of 10 cmH2O. Your sleep specialist can help you determine what specific level is right for you. Over time, your CPAP device pressure may require adjusting.

How many events per night is normal with CPAP? ›

CPAP, oral appliances and other sleep apnea treatment options are designed to reduce your AHI, but not necessarily eliminate them. That's because it's considered normal for everyone to have up to four apneas an hour. It's also common if your AHIs vary from night to night.

What is a good number of events per hour with CPAP? ›

An ideal AHI is fewer than five events per hour. That rate is within the normal range. Some sleep specialists aim for one or two events per hour so you're getting better sleep. If the AHI on the sleep study is high, such as 100 events per hour, even lowering it to 10 events an hour may be a big improvement.

How many events per hour is considered moderate sleep apnea? ›

Severe obstructive sleep apnea means that your AHI is greater than 30 (more than 30 episodes per hour) Moderate obstructive sleep apnea means that your AHI is between 15 and 30. Mild obstructive sleep apnea means that your AHI is between 5 and 15.

What happens if your CPAP humidity is too high? ›

One of the common problems faced by CPAP users is the build-up of moisture in the mask and tubing. This can lead to rainout or gurgling sounds from the machine. Both of these problems are caused by the mismatch of temperature and humidity inside and outside of the CPAP machine.

What happens if my CPAP humidifier is too high? ›

When we turn the heat setting too high, it can cause excess condensation in the tubing that can drip back in to our masks. It can also cause “rain out” which explains the wet mist on our face around the mask area. If this is happening to you, turn down the heat a notch or two.

What is a good humidity level for resmed? ›

In general, you should start at a humidity level setting of 3 and adjust up or down by 0.5 to address any drying or rainout issues. When using ClimateLine™ heated tubing, we recommend using Auto mode, which defaults to a Climate Control setting of approximately 27°C.

Can I adjust my CPAP pressure myself? ›

Air pressure calibration on CPAP machines is done through a process called titration. So you are advised against trying to adjust the air pressure of a CPAP machine on your own. Also, never get the air pressure adjusted without a medical prescription.

Can you wear CPAP while awake? ›

Wear Your CPAP While You're Awake

One of the best ways to get used to your CPAP mask is to wear it while you're awake. If you simply throw it on before you try to fall asleep, you're more likely to feel uncomfortable and even claustrophobic. First, we suggest wearing the CPAP mask while you're awake and upright.

What is the newest treatment for sleep apnea? ›

For years, the most common treatment for millions of people with sleep apnea involved wearing a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask. That is, until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new, maskless treatment option -- the Inspire upper airway stimulation device.

How long is too long for CPAP? ›

The life expectancy of a CPAP machine differs based on the specific piece of equipment. In general, CPAP machines are used for roughly three to five years. CPAP masks, however, should be replaced several times per year. Why?

Is sleep apnea considered a disability? ›

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not recognize sleep apnea as a disability. However, if you suffer from severe enough sleep apnea, you may meet eligibility standards with the other symptoms resulting from your sleep apnea.

Will I have more energy if I use a CPAP machine? ›

CPAP: Fatigue Fighter

The results showed CPAP significantly reduced the average fatigue score from 8.8 on a scale of one to 10 -- with 10 being highly fatigued -- to -0.1 after three weeks of treatment. Energy levels also increased significantly in the real CPAP group compared to the dummy treatment group.

How many times does the average person with sleep apnea stop breathing? ›

These breathing "stoppages" can happen a few times per hour or, in more severe cases, 60-100 times per hour or to the point where someone spends more time NOT breathing than they are breathing. When breathing stops, oxygen levels drop significantly and can affect the heart, brain and blood pressure.

How many breaths per minute is normal with sleep apnea? ›

AHI of 5–15 indicates mild OSA; 15–30, moderate; and over 30, severe [5]. Sleep respiratory rate (RR) is an important indicator for serious illness [6], especially for OSA monitoring. RR of healthy adults in a relax state is about 12–20 times per minute.

How many times a night does the average person stop breathing? ›

It's completely normal to experience breathing pauses up to five times per hour for adults and once per hour for kids. These are thought to be part of normal sleep.

Is it good to sleep with oxygen at night? ›

Using oxygen therapy at night allows your body to get more oxygen into the bloodstream so that you may get a better night's sleep. Your doctor may recommend you do a sleep study to determine whether supplemental oxygen at night is right for you.

What is a dangerously low oxygen level? ›

People should contact a health care provider if their oxygen saturation readings drop below 92%, as it may be a sign of hypoxia, a condition in which not enough oxygen reaches the body's tissues. If blood oxygen saturation levels fall to 88% or lower, seek immediate medical attention, says Dr. Lutchmansingh.

How serious is the CPAP recall? ›

In July 2021, the FDA classified the Philips CPAP recall as a Class I recall. This means the recalled product may cause serious injury or death. The foam may degrade and release particles and toxic gases into the machine's airways that users may inhale or swallow.

Why is myAir not receiving data? ›

Ensure airplane mode is off. If your machine's power cord has been continually plugged in for days/weeks, unplug it for 40 seconds and then plug it back in. This resets the machine. e.g. perform a power cycle (turn device off, then back on).

Why is my CPAP not recording data? ›

If you already used your machine for the first night but you don't see data, check that: Your CPAP machine is turned on and plugged into power. You have a good wireless signal on your machine. The more bars you see on the wireless signal icon on your machine, the better the signal strength.

How does ResMed AirSense transmit data? ›

Your AirSense machine does not use WiFi. It transmits data wirelessly to myAir using mobile cellular technology. Your machine automatically transmits data when it is within range of a mobile network cellular and has a strong enough signal.

How do I get my ResMed sleep report? ›

To find your Sleep Report, go to your home menu. Then use the dial to scroll down to 'Sleep Report' and click enter using the dial. Once you click into this report, you will see the following screen. Usage Hours: This is the amount of time your CPAP machine was turned on throughout the evening.

What is a good ResMed score? ›

The "perfect" score on myAir is 100, but a myAir score at 70 or above qualifies as a good score. The way to improve your score is through consistency, both in usage of myAir, but more importantly in your CPAP therapy!

What is rescan from ResMed? ›

ResScan™ is ResMed's PC-based clinical analysis and patient data management software that allows you to update device therapy settings and download, analyze and store therapy data.

Do I need an SD card with ResMed? ›

No. Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards, as well as mini and micro SDHC cards and SDXC cards, do not work with any ResMed sleep therapy devices.

Why is my CPAP machine not sending data? ›

My Provider Isn't Receiving My Therapy Data

If your therapy data isn't being sent to your doctor, check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure the device isn't in airplane mode. Having a strong WI-Fi signal is critical to properly recording and tracking your sleep therapy data.

Why is my CPAP machine not helping me? ›

Poor results: Although CPAP can be effective for many people, it may not provide enough relief if you have underlying issues - such as a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, allergies, or other conditions – that are causing your snoring and sleep apnea.

Is the CPAP recall real? ›

Recalled Devices. In June 2021, Philips recalled certain ventilators, BiPAP machines, and CPAP machines (see table below) because of potential health risks. The polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) foam used in these devices to reduce sound and vibration can break down.

Is there really a CPAP recall? ›

The FDA classified the June 2021 Philips recall of certain ventilators, BIPAP machines, and CPAP machines as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Class I recalls involve a reasonable probability that the use of, or exposure to, a violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

Is 4 hours a night enough on CPAP? ›

Ideally, CPAP compliance should take place for as long as the patient is sleeping but, in practice, this occurs in a minority of subjects. Based on several studies, compliance of ≥4 h per night has been considered acceptable.

What is the life expectancy of a resmed airsense 10? ›

Your CPAP machine should be replaced after approximately 5 years of use. The good news is, Medicare and most other insurers typically provide coverage for a new CPAP machine around the same time frame.

How do I connect my AirSense 10 to the Internet? ›

Your AirSenseTM 10 or AirCurveTM 10 machine includes cellular communication technology. This technology connects automatically when your machine is within a cellular coverage area. There is no need to connect to your home network or cell phone.

What does 0.5 events per hour mean on CPAP? ›

With Obstructive Sleep Apnea, these full or partial blockages occur when your soft tissues literally collapse into your upper airway and prevent airflow. So if you have, for example, an AHI of 5, that means you experience an average of 5 collapses per hour during the night.

Can sleep apps detect apnea? ›

Several sleep apnea apps have shown favorable results in preliminary research, including an app (Firefly)6 demonstrating sensitivity of 88.3% and specificity of 80.0% for a clinical threshold apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) of 15 or more events per hour.


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